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E2OM – Second Chance School, Matosinhos

The Second Chance School of Matosinhos (E2OM) was born from the need to add a specific response to the education system to the persistent problem of school dropouts and the low qualifications of young people.

5th Evening School, Sofia

The school has a diverse environment, counting with students from different ages, social status and religions.It has a strong focus on learning Bulgarian; foreign languages; digital skills and entrepreneurship.

Young People’s Voice Matter, Europe

In a financial project by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the E2C Europe Network, a group of 5 to 6 young people from each school involved was given the opportunity to reflect together on the current situation, its origins, consequences and possible solutions, by participating in the making of an international mini documentary.

Bookiraj(se)!, Croatia

Bookiraj(se) contributes to the growth of employment of vulnerable group memebers and focuses their activities on improving the skills and knowledge of unemployed people and ones with disabilities in order to more easily integrate them in the torusim labour market.

Additional Good Practices

Besides the practices shared in the Good Practice Sharing Session, within the implementation of the Research on the Second Chance Schools in European countries (WP1), additional Good Practices were identified, collected, and described.

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