Talking about Second Chance in Tomar, Portugal

Our partners from AE2O are going to visit the Agrupamento de Escolas Templários in Tomar, Portugal, as organizers of an event for dissemination and awareness of Second Chance Schools.

The event, named “As Escolas de Segunda Oportunidade em Portugal – Práticas e Desafios” (Second Chance Schools in Portugal – Best practices and challenges to come) will have place on the auditorium of the Escola Secundária Jácome Ratton, on next Wednesday, 29th of March, from 11h to 17h.

Click on the image above to view the event on the Facebook page and confirm your attendance

The event will be a great contact point between our partners and possible interested in obtaining a Second Chance, also offering valuable inputs that AE2O will have the chance to share with the partnership on our meeting next month in Croatia.

Keep posted for further info!