New update of D5.3!

AE2O and INOVA+, as leaders of WP5, have published a new update from D5.3 Strategy for promotion of the SCS Centre for Mobility, Training and Research. This document is continuously updated after the feedback provided by the education providers of the partnership (AE2O, NBU and Dante) and collects the functions and possibilities of the Centres for Mobility, Training and Research.

The Centres represent one of the most ambitious goals of S2CENE project, as their main objective is to establish local and/or regional social networks, thus gathering the organisations working in adult education & training, health, justice & protection and research that are susceptible of being identified as potential partners; and supporting and feeding the works to be carried on by the Second Chance Schools at local and regional levels.

This document will integrate part of S2CENE’s Toolkit, and can be complemented with other deliverables such as the Database of territorial entities.