S2CENE’s Staff Learning Event in Paris

Last week, July 5th, S2CENE organized the #1 Joint Staff Learning Event of the project, focusing on providing 10 professionals of the partnership with competences and tools to prepare the implementation of the National Awareness Actions which will be held in October during the Erasmus+ Days.

Additionally, the event also raised awareness about the existing national networks in France (represented by Mr. Sébastien Kiss), Portugal (represented by Mr. Luis Mesquita and Ms. Poliksena Hardalova from AE2O) and Spain (represented by Mr. Guillaume Thureau); and also the European network (E2C Europe), represented by its president, Mr. Michel Haudry.

Ms. Patrizia Pitacco, from Dante (Croatia) and Mr. Lachezar Afrikanov, from NBU (Bulgaria) also had their chance to make a presentation, in this case showcasing the state of the art of adult education in their respective countries.

The highlight of the session was the participation of Ms. Édith Cresson as Honoured Guest. Ms. Cresson was the main responsible for the creation of the Second Chance Schools initiative, while acting as European Commissioner for Research, Science and Technology. Since the first pilot experience took place in 1996 in Marseille, Second Chance Schools have incorporated more countries. In her speech, Ms. Cresson recognized the advances made so far and remind all attendees of the importance that second chance education has in the fight against unemployment and social exclusion.