The partners do a group dynamic with geranium leaves

S2CENE has reached its middle point! And now?

After the TPM held in Paris and hosted by E2C Paris thanks to the mediation of E2C Europe, S2CENE has officially started the second part of the project. These first 18 months were dedicated to a lot of research and analysis of how the existing Second Chance Schools are working in different levels and areas (i.e. Portugal, France, Germany, Spain at the national level but also generally in Europe as a whole) while studying the reality of Croatia and Bulgaria to see what can be implemented and what can be updated.

Once these milestones have been achieved, it is the time to leave the study rooms and go for some real action! Keep yourself posted, because the next 18 months will be full of activities, meetings, publications and works of many different kinds, which will showcase the results of our investigations, the implementation of the selected good practices, and more!

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