1st National Policy Makers Event

On Friday, April 29, 2022, the IV National Meeting of Initiatives and Second Chance Schools was held in Vila Nova de Gaia, which constituted a decisive contribution to the implementation in the country of a public policy to reduce early leaving , low qualifications and social exclusion of young people, as a guarantee of the effective right to education for all young people.

The National Meeting brought together the seven Second Chance Schools (E2O) that already exist in the country, in addition to many other institutions that are part of the national network, schools. municipalities, universities, foundations, associations, integrating various events:

  • The Seminar that took place in person at the Municipal Assembly of Vila Nova de Gaia, with the presence of Mr. Secretary of State for Education, Dr. António Leite, and a room full of representatives from dozens of institutions and professionals from all over the country;
  • The Portuguese E2O Youth Meeting in an exchange dynamic, spread over three artistic workshops (Dance, Music and Visual Arts) that culminated in a public presentation in Praça de Gaia;
  • The General Assembly of E2O Portugal, which elected the organization’s first governing bodies.

E2O Portugal thanks the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Gaia, all Second Chance Schools, their young people and technicians, speakers and participants. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!

This Meeting was the first “policy event” of the Erasmus + S2CENE project coordinated by AE2O (see, bringing together local, regional and national policymakers in support of the development of the new public policy for secondary schools opportunity in favor of the qualification of the most vulnerable young people

Full video of the seminar at: