A map of Europe with different lines connecting several countries, reflecting an idea of transnational networks and cooperation

The accreditation model is already available!

The S2CENE Consortium proudly announces the release of the Second Chance Schools’ accreditation model! This achievement is a new milestone in our project, which will allow the recognition and validation of the skills and capacities that young adults obtained through Second Chance Schools; thus creating a first standardization of the education system of the Second Chance Schools, and offering didactic guidance to any candidates to become a new second chance school.

This model was the result of months of work, and has benefited of the findings collected in our framework for Second Chance Schools. Additionally, research was broadened through an extensive study of the existing accreditation models in education and training fields along Europe, available in our “Research Matrix” document here.

Together with the Toolkit for Second Chance Schools, the accreditation model represents a great foundation for the second part of the project, in which the works will be less intellectual and more practical, intending to expand the existing Second Chance Schools’ networks and setting up the basis for new networks in Croatia and Bulgaria.